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I like to read scifi and magical realism, some navel-gazey smart-girl autofiction type shit, memoirs and sometimes poetry. I really enjoy reading fiction in translation. I rarely enjoy fantasy, although it's happened once or twice. Always looking for recommendations!

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commented on Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk

Books of Jacob (2022, Penguin Publishing Group) No rating

I'm really trying to finish this book this weekend (after starting last winter, fizzling out, and restarting around Christmas). My project last month of mostly reading dozens of zines and being overworked has subsided; my ability to focus is high and I have a lot more time, so I feel dedicated to this task. After crushing about 100 pages this morning I needed a little push so I was digging around for meta analysis and found this article by Olga Tokarczuk about her process and motivation for writing the book, i really enjoyed it and she is such a freak.

The Passenger (Hardcover, 2022, Knopf) 5 stars

the old guy... he can write

5 stars

This was really quite good, although super strange and disorienting, enhanced by reading it at bedtime and falling asleep in the middle of chapters most nights. Innumerable sentences and paragraphs highlighted just because of good arrangement of words. Definitely gave my whole life a melancholy tinge these last few weeks. I think I'd like to reread it when I'm older or if death feels more imminent.

Everything for Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052–2072 (2022) 5 stars

you can have a little bit of prefigurative politics (as a treat)

4 stars

This was super fun. I thought the oral history format was a really clever format choice, like looking into a giant construction site through little windows cut in the scaffolding and only kind of being able to grasp the depth of the pit. I kept thinking about KSR's New York 2140 and how it couldve been the same world almost, but with more grittiness and trauma and explanations about how we get from here to fully automated gay luxury space communism. I'm pretty sure I have big political differences with the authors, but I seriously enjoyed it nonetheless. I'd really appreciate seeing more of this kind of fantastic dreaming from those who want a drastically different world.

Babel (2022, HarperCollins Publishers) 4 stars

From award-winning author R. F. Kuang comes Babel, a thematic response to The Secret History …

fun anti-colonial fantasy-lite

4 stars

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