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Kaveh Akbar: Martyr!: a Novel (2024, Knopf) 5 stars

A novel written by a poet

4 stars

It was good! There was a plot point early on that kind of fucked with my suspension of disbelief and bugged me like a splinter the whole rest of the read, and some neatness in the plot that I wasn't totally buying/in the mood for. But I'm a sucker for expert prose, subtly handled subject matter, and readability so it won me over.

Naomi Klein, TBC Author: Doppelganger (2023, Penguin Books, Limited) 5 stars

Read this because I wanted to recommend it to a few people (based on some interviews I heard while she was doing press for the book). A surprisingly enjoyable read, even if I don't align with her politically in a lot of ways and find her a bit insufferable, I do think she lays out a lot of stuff about what's weird about the present moment quite well. Would give to my mom

Paul Murray: The Bee Sting (2023, Farrar, Straus & Giroux) 4 stars

Soapy and enjoyable

4 stars

The small town nuclear family setting made me feel so claustrophobic and a few hundred pages in, right when I was starting to wonder why I was still reading this weird family book, all the characters and the story started blowing open. Really well crafted, nothing revolutionary but a solid book to get wrapped into for a few weeks.

Guadalupe Nettel, Rosalind Harvey: Still Born (2022, Fitzcarraldo Editions) 5 stars

"Two best friends share an aversion to 'the human shackles' of motherhood, only to discover …


5 stars

Really simple prose and a kind of overdone premise made me feel like I knew what I was getting into, but the story sucked me in really quickly and I ended up finishing it in one sitting. Really appreciated the steady, almost omnicient presence of the narrator through lots of turmoil in the lives of the women around her.

Samuel R. Delany: Trouble on Triton (1996, Wesleyan University Press, Published by University Press of New England) 4 stars

Take me to gay space, maybe

4 stars

Chip's propensity for unreliable/unlikeable narrators makes his books a bit of a slog sometimes, but he's still one of my favourites cause there's always layers of intent going on under the writing and he's so fucking smart and funny. Love imagining an occupied solar system with queer cooperative living and on-demand informed consent gender- and sexuality-affirming health tech, but! Theres a lot of dodging and ducking in and around the question of utopia here and the almost-campy idealized aspects of the society and tech play into these explorations. Loved it.

Becky Chambers: A Prayer for the Crown-Shy (Hardcover, 2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 5 stars

After touring the rural areas of Panga, Sibling Dex (a Tea Monk of some renown) …

Kinda twee but quick escapist read with NB protagonist

4 stars

Finished this series during a multi-day power outage, and being in resource-management mode def made the cozy solarpunk world these books built feel closer at hand. It was kinda impressively fleshed out for being only 2 short novellas, but i think any more than that and the utopic vibes woulda been totally saccharine. I don't particularly care about solarpunk but I am a total sucker for robot-human friendship exploration stories so definitely enjoyed that aspect.

Olga Tokarczuk, Jennifer Croft: Books of Jacob (2022, Penguin Publishing Group) No rating

I'm really trying to finish this book this weekend (after starting last winter, fizzling out, and restarting around Christmas). My project last month of mostly reading dozens of zines and being overworked has subsided; my ability to focus is high and I have a lot more time, so I feel dedicated to this task. After crushing about 100 pages this morning I needed a little push so I was digging around for meta analysis and found this article by Olga Tokarczuk about her process and motivation for writing the book, i really enjoyed it and she is such a freak.