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I am the admin of this bookwyrm instance. Main fediverse account:

I like to read scifi and magical realism, some navel-gazey smart-girl autofiction type shit, memoirs and sometimes poetry. I rarely enjoy fantasy, although it's happened once or twice. Always looking for recommendations!

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Guadalupe Nettel, Rosalind Harvey: Still Born (2022, Fitzcarraldo Editions) 5 stars

"Two best friends share an aversion to 'the human shackles' of motherhood, only to discover …


5 stars

Really simple prose and a kind of overdone premise made me feel like I knew what I was getting into, but the story sucked me in really quickly and I ended up finishing it in one sitting. Really appreciated the steady, almost omnicient presence of the narrator through lots of turmoil in the lives of the women around her.