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Kaveh Akbar: Martyr!: a Novel (2024, Knopf) 5 stars

Poet Akbar (Calling a Wolf a Wolf) explores the allure of martyrdom in this electrifying …

A novel written by a poet

4 stars

It was good! There was a plot point early on that kind of fucked with my suspension of disbelief and bugged me like a splinter the whole rest of the read, and some neatness in the plot that I wasn't totally buying/in the mood for. But I'm a sucker for expert prose, subtly handled subject matter, and readability so it won me over.

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Adrian Tchaikovsky: City of Last Chances (2022, Head of Zeus) 4 stars

Arthur C. Clarke winner and Sunday Times bestseller Adrian Tchaikovsky's triumphant return to fantasy with …

If Marx was trying to be relevant and writing fantasy today

5 stars

Ok, this book was very fun and gave me some of those excitement in the streets feels at moments I am just always there for. Going in blind to the story, it took me way to long to feel invested in the story, it being fantasy and starting off with a tale about god, I was pretty much ready to swipe left on this one. But then the world came into focus and I was hooked.

I read a review that said in the fantasy world, it's hip to be exploring the magic/creatures/polygod world's through a lens of the industrial revolution rather than bronze or medieval developments. And within this modern trend this is Adrian Tchaikovsky's contribution to that.

I couldn't help but map Marx's capital onto this world, updated by my stronger and stronger appreciation of Tchaikovsky's work and left politics. We have main characters from the factory works, …

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Susan Rosenberg: An American Radical : Political Prisoner In My Own Country (Paperback, 2011, Citadel / Kensington) 5 stars

Susan Rosenberg was a political activist who served sixteen years in some of the worst …

A lot of punch in this readable, eloquent prison memoir

5 stars

I'm not usually a fan of poetry, I have a lot of taste in my mouth from bad, self-important and unpracticed open-mic performances over the years. But Rosenbergs wielding of words, prose and a few poems, in this book is pretty impressive. Her writing style is generally matter-of-fact but she's able to encapsulate rich emotional meaning in small moments that crack the surface.

I was enticed to read this book for a few reasons... First up, Susan Rosenberg will be speaking on a (n online) panel put on by our local anarchist bookstore alongside Herman Bell, David Gilbert and Eric King, all former political prisoners to speak about the recently published "Rattling The Cages" book (definitely worth a gander, lots of insights from former and current political prisoners on Turtle Island). Second, Susan was involved in the May 19th Communist Organization, a group I don't know a lot about besides …

Naomi Klein, TBC Author: Doppelganger (2023, Penguin Books, Limited) 5 stars

Read this because I wanted to recommend it to a few people (based on some interviews I heard while she was doing press for the book). A surprisingly enjoyable read, even if I don't align with her politically in a lot of ways and find her a bit insufferable, I do think she lays out a lot of stuff about what's weird about the present moment quite well. Would give to my mom

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reviewed Embassytown by China Miéville

China Miéville: Embassytown (2012, Pan Publishing, PAN) 3 stars

Embassytown: a city of contradictions on the outskirts of the universe.

Avice is an immerser, …

Best book I read of 2024

5 stars

This was a really fantastic novel and I think you should read it. With a heavy hand in world building and exploration of linguistics and translation this novel gave so many hints and tidbits of the world without creating a complete picture which left you will so many paintings of these worlds with just enough to have you pondering the world just outside the frame.

It is really impressive the amount of world building that was built into a standalone novel, I would read anything, including fan fiction, created in the universe after finishing it.

The story itself and it's interactions were fantastic. There was many times I was left feeling so alien from the valleys that divided characters that I truly believed that there was alien consciousnesses so different than ours, rather than a metaphor for human struggles.

The plot was very hard to predict and kept my rapt …