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This is an invite-only bookwyrm instance for friends and aquaintances of the admin (@peoplelikebooks@wyrmsign.org)

Code of Conduct

GUIDELINES We are anarchists so we don't like rules, but there are guidelines to help maintain the sustainability and health of the instance. These may change as things go on. Please contact @godemperor@wyrmsign.org if you have input or suggestions! Please note that if you disagree with any of these guidelines in theory or practice, you are welcome to set up your own instance with your own guidelines/rules! Don't post content that is flatly racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, misogynistic, or otherwise bigoted. This will defacto include any symbols, slogans, memes/jokes, or vapid talking points of the reactionary far right. Don't be an edge-lord either. Don't use your account to harass or troll other users on wyrmsign.org. Don't use your account to harass or troll other users on other instances. When interacting with users out in the broader fediverse, you represent wyrmsign.org to some extent (it shows up at the end of your username, after all!). So avoid trolling or harassing other users, even if they are on other instances. This can lead to other instances blanket blocking (defederating) with wyrmsign.org which is usually bad. If you pick fights with bad people, they can also follow you back to wyrmsign.org and harass other users here - if you want to pick fights on fedi, even with bad people, consider launching those attacks from your own instance and not from here! Don't use your account to harass or troll regular people in general. Become familiar with the privacy and account moderation settings on Bookwyrm and use them. Every post on Bookwyrm has its own individual privacy setting that you set when you make the post. You also have many ways to deal with unwanted content/users. You can filter posts by tag or keywords, mute or block users, block an entire instance, and report problems to moderators. More info here. Don't post any illegal content, or talk about illegal acts, or otherwise post anything that could cause legal trouble for the server (where your images and posts live). It's a stupid idea to do that here for your own safety, but also don't bring the heat here. Use Content Warnings for the following types of content – Nudity – Gore – Drug use/paraphernalia – Text detailing a sexual act – Text mentioning suicide, self-harm, abust, rape, or sexual assault – Spoilers!!!!! When it doubt, it's easy to include a Content Warning, so why not err on the side of caution? It's polite!