Karla McLaren: The Language of Emotions (AudiobookFormat, 2010, Sounds True) No rating

This is a book I've been trying to finish for the past 8 months because multiple, divergent woosurrectionists had recommended it as a "must read" and I wanted to both understand how this influenced their approach to feelings and dealing with conflict and resolution.

Definitely self-help, new-age through and through by a self-described empath, whose approach is: "You can be an empath too". Borrows a lot from unspecific indigenous world views and a bit of eastern world views maybe blended with a bit of paganism (or maybe taking from these cultures is the overlap I see).

I think all in all, it tries to break down big feels and emotions we have into chapters, tries to speak to their origins and what they are saying about your needs, and not other peoples. I feel like if you can approach it the same way you might approach marxist writing, or fierce individualist writing you can find thoughtful and reflective words in this book.

I did find there was moments were I found myself thinking that was well said, and at other points skimming and letting the words pass right through me.

Not sure If I'd recommend it, (I mean I didn't end up finishing it), but I think for the non-dogmatic person, who is comfortable reading somewhat problematic things and really is looking for a self-help words to your emotions book it could be apart of your larger readings on the subject.