The Spirit Of Freedom: Anticolonial War & Uneasy Peace in Ireland

The unabridged 1989 text by ATTACK International with new material by C. Crowle

Paperback, 115 pages

English language

Published Aug. 1, 2023 by Kerplebedeb.

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5 stars (1 review)

“This booklet sets out to explain what’s going on in Ireland. It shows why British troops are there and, more importantly, why it is in our interests to get them out.”

This is how Attack International—a small, anonymous collective of anticapitalist revolutionaries based in England—described their text “The Spirit of Freedom: The War in Ireland” in 1989. Now published as a book for the first time, it still provides a concise, readable, and unabashedly partisan introduction to the history of Ireland’s struggle against British colonialism, as well as analysis of the contours of the struggle and their approach to solidarity with it.

A powerful and provocative call to the radical left to dig into the Irish republican resistance, “The Spirit of Freedom” has continued to circulate for more than three decades, far beyond the immediate audience at which it was immediately aimed, and as the context dramatically shifted. To aid …

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"Parliament is the political wing of the British Army"

5 stars

This small booklet is quite a gift. An insightful summary and critique from an anti-statist, anti-colonial perspective published in 1989 by Attack! International as to why anarchists in the UK should support the struggle to decolonize Ireland while not whitewashing failures of past-attempts at class war across Protestant and Catholic communities on the Island as well as short comings of many of the parties involved in Nationalist struggle and the brutality of the occupation. This is sandwiched between (on the one side) perspectives on white settlers in the Irish diaspora who've embraced their heritage to wash away their current status in the core of the core of Empire and (on the other side) updates on the peace process, decommissioning and development of the parties involved in the struggle on both sides of Island up until this year. A great update to anyone with some background knowledge of the issues and …


  • Colonialism
  • Setter Colonialism
  • Unionism
  • Loyalism
  • Nationalism
  • UK
  • England
  • IRA
  • Irish Republicanism
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Revolutionary Politics