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A bloke excited to read more, hoping this will inspire better note taking and engagement with the texts. I apparently start most posts with something akin to "This book..."

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Mussolini's Grandchildren (2023, Pluto Press) 4 stars

The fastest-rising force in Italian politics is Giorgia Meloni's Fratelli d'Italia - a party with …

A really interesting read into a history I'm only vaguely aware of. The book follows the legacy from the Salo Republic (Italian Social Republic) of the Nazi re-imposition of Mussolini in the latter days of WWII, to the post-war neo-fascist resistance groups and foundation of the MSI (Italian Social Movement), largely made up of Salo veterans, through various factions (parliamentary and extra-parliamentary) up to today's ruling "postfascist" Fratelli d'Italia party of Giorgia Meloni. Two worthwhile take-aways for me were the discussion of the victimization narratives (particularly around the Fiobe and continued memorialization of Fascists really aptly compares to Lost Cause narratives and the continued celebration of CSA soldiers and officers in the USA and conflation of antifascism with Stalinism) and the way that the "post-fascists" pivoted and shifted after the fall of the Soviet Union and break up of Yugoslavia from uniting around the dogwhistle of anti-communism to Great Replacement …

Bring the War Home (Paperback, 2019, Harvard University Press) 4 stars

The white power movement in America wants a revolution.

Returning to a country ripped apart …

Filling In Some Gaps

4 stars

Just a quick review here. I've really been appreciating this book: very readable, clear language, interesting history. This really fills in the gaps in my knowledge of the post-WWII fascist movement with a focus on Louis Beam and the 3rd - 4th waves of the KKK, taking momentum from the "stabbed in the back" narrative of the US experience of the Vietnam War, rampant fear mongering around communism, popular white perspectives of overreach by the civil rights and various liberation movements of the long '60s, and the flood of weaponry and tools of war into the hands of an increasingly anti-State white nationalist movement. There's an interesting focus on groups like the KKKK and the uniting of Klan and Neo-Nazi groups during and after the Greensboro Massacre of 1979, the Order and its overlaps with Aryan Nations, National Alliance, the failed Operation Red Dog invasion of Dominica, ties between white …

Blowback: America’s Recruitment of Nazis, and Its Destructive Impact on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy (Paperback, Collier Books - Macmillan) 5 stars

Even before the final shots of World War II were fired, another war began—a cold …

A sober approach to US use of former Nazi SS / SD & collaborators in the early Cold War & its consequences

5 stars

This book shows the work that Simpson did to dig through FOIA-available documentation of US security agencies, particularly the CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps) of the US Army during & after WWII, as well as the OSS & it's successor the CIA, conducting interviews with former agents and researching the whereabouts of former Waffen SS & SD and extremist anti-Communist (read usually fascist) agents who were hidden by the US security state after the war, were spirited out of Europe via Vatican ratlines, were armed and employed in Soviet-occupied parts of Eastern Europe. Simpson touches on parts of Operation Paperclip (the US operation to employ Nazi & Axis scientists, often helping them avoid international war crimes tribunal convictions, obfuscating their status as war criminals and giving them access to US citizenship by manipulating the rules set by US immigration), the Gehlen Organization (the ex-Nazi intelligence-staffed, US-funded post-war network that became the …

We Go Where They Go (2023, PM Press) 5 stars

What does it mean to risk all for your beliefs? How do you fight an …

This really sat well next to "It Did Happen Here", another published by the Working Class History imprint on PM Press this year. The book covers much of the same early history of the Baldies anti-racist skinhead crew in Minneapolis that joined with Chicago and other local scenes to create the Syndicate and eventually branched out of Skinhead culture to found Anti-Racist Action. Where IDHH covers the collaboration between scenes with a focus on Portland, this shows a degree of how wide ARA spread in the '90s and '00s through parts of so-called USA & Canada, with a focus on the midwestern and eastern portions.

You hear anectdotes and analysis on chapter-level issues and fights up to network wide developments as racist, fascist and anti-abortion groups rose up out of the sludge and various crews attempted to fight them down again. Chapter themes include the role of subculture in incubating …

reviewed It Did Happen Here by Moe Bowstern

It Did Happen Here (Paperback, 2023, PM Press) 5 stars

Portland, Oregon, 1988: the brutal murder of Ethiopian immigrant Mulugeta Seraw by racist skinheads shocked …

"Together Against"

5 stars

I got this book a bit early for preparing an interview for the radio show, but since it hasn't been released (brag brag) I won't include any spoilers. Basically, if you haven't heard the KBOO podcast hosted by Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw & Celina Flores, do it! If you've heard the podcast, check out the book and you'll find even more interviews (in addition to many from the book) with antiracist activists from Portland from the mid 80's to late 90's. Plus a ton of photos, posters and flyers, news clippings and more. There is so much here and I've no doubt it's just scratching the surface. This is a great read for anyone interested in radical or regional history, doing anti-racist activism, who is interested in multi-generational and coalitional organizing, or into subcultural punk and skinhead resistance.

Starting earlier, though really sparked by the murder by beating of Ethiopian …