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As METAtropolis: Green Space moves into the 22nd Century, human social evolution is heading in new directions after the Green Crash and the subsequent Green Renaissance. Nearly everyone who cares to participate in the wired world has become part of the "Internet of things", a virtual environment mapped across all aspects of the natural experience. At the same time, the serious back-to-the-land types have embraced a full-on paleo lifestyle, including genetically engineering themselves and their offspring. At the same time, a back-to-space movement is seeking the moon, a green Mars, and even the stars, with the eventual goal of leaving a pristine and undisturbed Earth behind. METAtropolis: Green Space is the creation of Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee Jay Lake; Hugo Award winning writers Seanan McGuire, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Elizabeth Bear; New York Times best-selling author Tobias S. Buckell; Aurora Award winner Karl Schroeder; and critically-acclaimed author Ken …

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Concluding the Series

3 stars

Just finished the last compilation in the METAtropolis series and it is a mixed bag. I was pretty happy with the final two stories in the series which had Bashar reprising his role and the general timeline development across stories and characters which took us from a recent collapse world to what is probably 120 years later.

The first book in the series really felt like a certain idealism, horizontalism, and anti-capitalism diffuse amongst the stories. as the series, and the world, goes on capitalism, class stratification and political power creep back in as it is consolidated and exercised in the radical and new forms of life that developed in the first series.

Positives is carnies made their first appearance in the universe in this book, negatives beyond the above mentioned development in the universe is that the stories just came off more "action-adventure" and less world building and social …


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