The Martians

Paperback, 457 pages

English language

Published April 3, 2000 by Voyager.

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The Martians is a companion volume to the three volumes of the Mars trilogy, published in 1999. It is a short story collection, consisting of stories, poems, in-universe article excerpts, essays, and even meta/autobiographical stories ("Purple Mars"). Some of the stories were published before. Some stories do not take place in the same universe as the Mars trilogy; some others, while they share the same characters, are evidently alternate timelines to the trilogy.

It consists of the following stories:

Michel In Antarctica Exploring Fossil Canyon The Archaea Plot The Way The Land Spoke To Us Maya And Desmond Four Teleological Trails Discovering Life Coyote Makes Trouble Michel In Provence Green Mars Arthur Sternbach Brings The Curveball To Mars Salt and Fresh The Constitution Of Mars Some Worknotes And Commentary On The Constitution, by Charlotte Dorsa Brevia Jackie On Zo Keeping The Flame Saving Noctis Dam Big Man In Love An …

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