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A Prayer for the Crown-Shy (Hardcover, 2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 5 stars

After touring the rural areas of Panga, Sibling Dex (a Tea Monk of some renown) …

An enjoyable and thoughtful read as we discover, along with the robot, what humans may need.

4 stars

An enjoyable and thoughtful read about the continuing journeys of a tea monk and a robot who wants to know what humans need. Plot-wise, there isn't much; but in terms of musing over the condition of humans, nature and one robot, there is plenty.

Both the monk and the robot have returned to human civilization, with the robot eager to visit and discover more about the human area and various human communities (with one exception) eager to learn more about the robot.

Through their interactions, the robot (and us readers) learn more about the human society that rose after the robots achieve sentience and left the factories, and about how they now live in a more ecological sustainable manner while maintaining some technology.

But would it be enough to answer the question the robot first asked about what humans need and how it can help them?

Twelve Tomorrows (2018, The MIT Press) 3 stars

Twelve visions of the future—by turns hilarious, frightening, and relevant—from new and established voices in …

An interesting anthology of stories about possible tomorrows, and includes a profile of Samuel R. Delany.

3 stars

An interesting anthology of stories about possible tomorrows. It starts with a profile of Samuel R. Delany, by Mark Pontin and Jason Pontin. Interesting stories include those by SL Huang, Ken Liu, Liu Cixin, Clifford V. Johnson, Sarah Pinsker and Alastair Reynolds.

  • "The Woman Who Destroyed Us" by SL Huang: in a future where deep brain stimulation (DBS) is prevalent, a mother seeks against a DBS researcher who she believes altered her problematic son and made him unrecognizable to her. But when she puts her plan into motion by befriending the researcher's companion, she begins to learn uncomfortable facts about DBS and the ethics of the researcher she was targeting that would lead her to question her own motives and, perhaps, lead to reconciliation with her DBS altered son.

  • "Okay, Glory" by Elizabeth Bear: the CEO of a company suddenly finds himself trapped inside the isolated smart home he designed …

No cover


3 stars

"BLIT" (acronym of Berryman Logical Image Technique) is a 1988 science fiction short story by …

Be wary, when AI generated images can crash the human mind.

3 stars

An interesting short story involving images that cannot be processed by people's minds, killing them. A 'punk' is assigned the task of putting up such images (with proper eyewear protection) in some areas to cause disruption, but it then goes wrong, causing him to be thrown in jail. As the law has not got around to legislating against putting up such images, he expects to be set free soon. But little does he know the insidious power of such images, even when seen distorted.

Memos inserted into the story offer explanations for how the images can 'crash' the human mind (like crashing a computer, unable to process data). Written many years ago, this is a concept that, hopefully, does not come true nowadays in the era of AI computer generated imagery.

Clarkesworld Issue 193 (Paperback, 2022, Wyrm Publishing) 3 stars

An average issue of Clarkesworld

3 stars

An average issue of Clarkesworld, with interesting stories by M. L. Clark, Alan Kubatiev and Gregory Feeley, and a disturbing story involving family abuse by Thomas Ha.

  • "Junk Hounds" by Lavie Tidhar: in space, there is a lot of junk. But one man's junk is another man's treasure. And one junk hound may have found the ultimate treasure, is he can get it.

  • "Coding Van Gogh" by Elaine Gao: a programmer / artist is deep at work programmatically recreating a work of art when she suffers massive injuries. When she recovers, she discovers she has lost her old job under mysterious circumstances. Her attempts to recreate one last work of art would reveal what happened the first time.

  • "Sweetbaby" by Thomas Ha: a disturbing story of a physically (and possibly mentally) deformed brother who does violent acts on his sisters while their parents try to keep them alive on a …