reviewed Zoe's Tale by John Scalzi (Old Man's War, #4)

John Scalzi: Zoe's Tale (2008) 3 stars

How do you tell your part in the biggest tale in history?

I ask because …

A 4th book in this series???

3 stars

This book follows up to the old man's war world and it felt a bit like I was working to finish it for the sake of completion.

It is the 3rd book told again from the perspective of the main characters daughter. It literally just covers the same timeline and plot points with a different narrator.

+: sometimes it read like space opera mean girls. It centers a women in the stories. There is a few moments that Zoe's perspective tells part of the story that didn't come up in the 3rd book.

-: You know the plot, twists and turns. It wasn't a good enough book for a second run.