Into the Odd

Hardcover, 136 pages

English language

Published by Free League Publishing.

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A revised edition of the RPG originally released in 2014, Into the Odd Remastered is a 136 page book featuring plenty of new artwork and graphic design, as well as one or two new additions. The changes featured in the remastered version are almost entirely centred around adding new content, rather than making any modifications—with the gameplay system remaining largely the same.

The additions included within Into the Odd Remastered are a greater selection of Arcana - or various strange devices that enable the user to achieve unnatural and otherworldly things - more content within the Oddpendium section of the book, which covers the multitude of weird creatures and stuff that populate the world of the RPG, and an expanded version of the Return to the Iron Coral adventure that now takes place over three whole levels with several mini-dungeons.

Into the Odd is a roleplaying game set within an …

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